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Safe to Cry

I know I have stuck emotions that need to be released if I've gone a few weeks without crying. I began the series Safe to Cry as a way for me to understand what's on my mind, honor my emotions, and create a safe space for my tears. I look into a mirror and repeat affirmations until there's one that is difficult to say with conviction or I will listen to music- whatever intuitively feels right at the time, and connect the lyrics to my personal life. I welcome my camera into these moments, but I am still sensitive to the presence of an outside gaze. As soon as I turn toward my camera and my awareness shifts from self to the perception of others, my walls came back up. I remind myself that these photos are for me first and foremost. I take deep breaths, look through the lens, and envision my future self looking back at me. True intimacy requires vulnerability.

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