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Danikah’s not the loudest person in the room- she prefers to listen, but she is sure of herself and values her voice. She looks for the details that people tend not to notice in the perpetual rush of the world: nuanced communication, the people who are overshadowed in a group, and the unique gifts of every individual. This way of seeing is her gift, and she shares her vision through her Art. Art is the only thing that has always made sense to Danikah because the experience is understood emotionally, and there is no right or wrong way to feel. To be an artist is to be free. 

Danikah's desire for freedom inspires her to overcome sociological and psychological misconceptions that limit her in her life through long-term performance-based photographic projects. She uses her photography as a tool for self-liberation. When the pandemic hit, and she returned to her childhood home, she was faced with her and her family's shame towards nudity and turned it around by embracing her body through environmental nude self-portraiture in a project called Uncovered. Danikah is working on an ongoing series called Safe to Cry to document moments of intentional emotional release and share the message that there is beauty and strength in vulnerability. Danikah's newest work, Self Portraits with Strangers, is a form of exposure therapy for her social anxiety and advocates for safe and consensual artist-muse relationships.

Danikah Chartier graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Related Media in May of 2023. She obtained minors in Art History, Fashion History Theory and Culture, and Film and Media Studies. Danikah is employed with Historic New England as an Indigenous Community Liaison and Researcher, where she researches the land of the HNE sites, connects with local Indigenous communities, and curates the museum space to include Indigenous history and contemporary arts. She also works at the Colby College Museum of Art as a gallery educator. Danikah's desire to leave a meaningful impact on the world and heal herself, her communities, and her lineage is what inspires her in her life, career, and all artistic endeavors.

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