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2018 Ambitious Artist Award

I am so pleased to finally announce that I will be sponsoring a scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year! Back In July, Forbes magazine named Kylie Jenner the youngest ever self-made billionaire. While I love a good businesswoman, I was bothered by this for a couple of reasons, but the most important being that someone can have so much money and do very little for others with it. I came to the realization that my situation is not all that different, I am just on a much smaller scale. When I become well known for my photography, I don't want to be honored for how much money I have made with my business, but instead for how much of a positive impact I have left on my community through photography. This year I was blessed with the opportunity to attend college and only with the help of my family, friends, and all of you! I want to make sure that other driven artists are able to achieve this goal. I have saved 10% of my income from my photography business for the year 2018 and set it aside. With this money, I will be awarding $250 to two artists attending a post-secondary program for art that have financial need. Too often, young artists let their talents go to waste for fear of not being able to make a sustainable income. I fully believe that it is possible when the artist is driven enough to work tirelessly for their dreams. However, I also understand first hand how the cost of college can affect a student and the student's family. Danikah Photography’s Ambitious Artist Award was created to give those artists an extra boost in their financial aid so that they can achieve their dreams with a little more ease.

The deadline is June 5th 2018.

If you would like a PDF download of the application, send me an email


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