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Pictures from Home

I recently discovered undeveloped rolls of film from the early 2000s. I was surprised to see that many of the images were captured by me and my older sister Acadia. It is interesting to see what my child self chose to make images of and how now looking at the photographs I am transported back into my 3ft high perspective and get to re-experience memories I had forgotten. This concept of time travel inspired me to start a collaborative photographic documentary of "Home" by passing around the same Nikon N60 to each member of my family for a week in their life. The camera has been passed to my mother and grandparents so far. It is wonderful to compare the sentimental images I make of my Memere and Pepere when I visit home to the images they made of themselves during an average week in their life with a few familial visitors.

Lost film from the 2000s


Memere and Pepere