Danikah Chartier is a lens-based artist specializing in fine art and fashion photography. She is obtaining her bachelor’s degree in photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology with a minor in Art History, Fashion History Theory and Culture, and Film and Media Studies. Danikah works on commercial jobs with companies whose missions aligns with her personal values and donates a percentage of her yearly income to young artists and nonprofit art programs. 

Through her personal projects, she strives to liberate herself and inspire others. Her recent personal projects include: “Uncovered” a self-portrait series taken in her family’s home as a way to overcome the shame she felt in the house towards nudity, “Be Here Now” a documentation of her life in isolation with her roommates captured on her iPhone and presented in a view master, “By Myself” a collection of photographs Danikah has been making as a way to process her emotions like writing in a diary and within this project is a mini-series- “Safe to Cry '' where Danikah takes a self-portrait after allowing herself the space and comfort to cry. 

Danikah likes to say that she “breathes through her camera.” Her photographs capture that feeling in their soft beauty and profound emotional subject matter.

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